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We are currently looking for sponsors of the following items (new or used):

Two Way Portable Radios
Very much needed for on-hill communications. Currently we don't have any working radios for use on the hill. Motorola has several radios that would be suitable for outdoor use and that would make our operation safer and more efficient. An economic solution would be CP100 radios.
Quantity needed: 5
Cost: $195.00 each
Available from online stores.
Self-Bailing Whitewater Rafts
Our 18' rafts are 20 years old and must be retired (safety). We very much need two 18' self-bailing rafts, frames and oars.
Estimated cost each (new) NRS E-180 Self-Bailing Raft: $5,735
We would gladly accept alternative, comparable raft.
Available from NRS
Color Laser Printer
We save a lot of money by printing all of our program, promotional and marketing materials in-house. While outsourced print jobs cost as much as $4 per page, this printer's 10 cents-per-page would save us a lot of money. Our current color laser printer is failing and its operational cost became unreasonable. Xerox Phaser 7300DN costs about $4,000.
Available from Xerox.
Season Passes
Powderhorn Resort is very generous and offers season passes for our Special Olympics athletes at just $100.00 per pass. Quantity needed: 30 Cost: $3,000.
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