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Sample presentations, videos, drills, worksheets and general information on the skills training techniques and coaching methodologies that the US Ski Team uses to produce great racers.

This program contains an examination of all the environmental factors that impact athlete technical and tactical skill acquisition, adaptation, training and competition.

Alpine tactics are defined as the strategy of optimizing speed and line relative to the skier's ability to attain the fastest time. Implicit in this definition is the concept that optimal tactics are different for different skiers based upon their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Technical and tactical articles from the USSA Coaches Education office.

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Special Olympics


Special Olympics developed the Protective Behaviors Training as a tool to assist with protecting Special Olympics athletes from abuse. Take the online training now:
» Protective Behaviors

Special Olympics offers online courses to Special Olympics coaches through a partnership with the American Sport Education Program (ASEP).
» ASEP Course

Assist athletes in learning sports skills and applying them in competitions.
» Coaching Guides


All Special Olympics coaches agree to observe the Code of Conduct:
» Code of Conduct

Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance


Summary highlighting the prerequisites of each STEP level as well as the goals and objectives.

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Canadian Ski Coaches Federation


The use of exercises and drills in a gate training or non-gate environment provides the coach with effective tools to increase skill level with variety and imagination.

The entry level coach plays a pivotal role in skill development of entry level participants.

Coaches Intro Course

This document provides the active alpine ski coach with information that will assist them in their role in coaching athletes with a disability.

In order to create an enjoyable experience it is important that coaches have an understanding of participation motives of the children and build on them.

Rather than readily distributing advice to athletes at the bottom of the course as soon as they ski over to you, engage them in reflective learning. Ask the athletes to provide you with feedback on their run and solicit their opinions about their performance.

Young racers do not always make the most of the opportunities they have to train in gates because they are inadequately prepared mentally, and sometimes physically, before each session.

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