January 14, 2008.
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Four additional CDA ski volunteer instructors have become Level 1 PSIA-certified ski instructors. Donna Iovanni, Felix Iovanni, Trish Kendrick and Adrienne Senatore have validated their teaching and skiing skills during the exam at Powderhorn Resort from Friday, January 11 through Sunday, January 13, 2008. John Eakins from Powderhorn Ski School also attended the exam and passed with flying colors.

It is a BIG DEAL!

It took many clinics, study days, and a big commitment from the candidates to approach and pass the exam. Please congratulate them on their achievement and thank them for their contribution to our snowsports school.

What went largely unnoticed last season is the fact that three other CDA volunteer instructors have attained Level 1 PSIA certification: Marge Gunderson (ski), Steve Gunderson (ski) and Levi Oviatt (snowboard). They took the exam at other resorts so their effort was invisible to us locally. Please congratulate them for their achievement!

Stephanie Reynolds, a PSIA Examiner, conducted the exam. Ask those who took the exam about their experiences! The short descriptions I heard from them after the exam were "awesome," "what a value!," "the best clinic leader!" (about Stephanie), "I am excited about teaching skiing," "I learned so much!," and more.

Special thanks go to Stephanie Reynolds for conducting the exam and being an inspiration for our instructors and to Paul Simonetti for helping us prepare for the exam. Thank you!

From the left: Felix, John, Trish, Stephanie, Donna, Jeff, Adrienne.
Design Your Own, Free Clinic
We will bring a FREE PSIA clinic to Powderhorn. You decide what clinic you'd like to have and when. You only need to be an affiliate member of PSIA/AASI to be able to attend ($40 per year membership).

Suggested clinic choices:
  • Contemporary Skiing Improvement (alpine, ski)
  • All Mountain Performance (alpine, ski)
  • Teaching Beginner Bumps (alpine, ski)
  • Teaching Mono- and Bi-Ski (adaptive, teaching)
  • Teaching Cognitive/Visually Impaired (adaptive, teaching)
  • Teaching 3- and 4-Track (adaptive, teaching)
  • Snowboard (design your own)
  • Ski (design your own)
  • Teaching (design your own)
Please write to Martin by January 25 with your preferences. Provide the following:
  • desired clinic (or describe the skills you'd like to acquire)
  • desired day/week/month (weekday/weekend?)

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