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December 10, 2007
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Why Certify?
What are your motivations to become a PSIA-certified ski instructor? Once you commit to reaching the highest levels of performance as a ski instructor, you will:
  • Develop personally and professionally
  • Create positive learning experiences
  • Have more fun
Certification is a great way to validate the skills you already have. Attaining certification is rewarding personally and professionally.
When and Where
  • January 11-13, 2008 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Powderhorn Resort
How To Sign-Up For Level 1 Certification Exam?
To earn your Level 1 Certification, you must attend the Instructor Training Course, or ITC. This is a 3-day "block" of clinics that teaches you all the materials for Level 1 Certification. Upon meeting the Level 1 Certification Standard and other criteria at the end of the ITC, you will earn your Level 1 pin!

The ITC Level 1 Certification Course and Exam will be conducted for CDA at Powderhorn Resort on January 11-13 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Your examiner will be a PSIA Examiner Stephanie Reynolds from Powderhorn Ski School.

1. Join PSIA (if you are not a member yet)

  • Join online at
    • First screen: select "PSIA-Rocky Mountain-AASI Registered Instructor" on the first screen.
    • Second screen: check all boxes, select "Colorado Discover Ability" from the pull-down menu and type "Martin Wiesiolek" in the field for the "Name of School Director or Supervisor."

- or -

If you'd like assistance completing PSIA membership application please contact Martin
(phone: 970-254-0404, e-mail

2. Complete Exam Application Form

  • Download and complete the exam application from web site.
  • Send or bring your application to Martin or CDA's office. Please include a payment of $210.
Am I Ready for Certification Exam?
Probably yes. If you attended our alpine clinics, taught for more than a season, and are excited and nervous about taking the exam -- then you are ready. If you ski at about the level of Trish Kendrick than you will pass the ski maneuvers will flying colors. Remember, it is a pass/fail exam and proficiency standards apply to all participants.

Read the section below to understand the requirements for attaining Level 1 Certification.

Attaining Alpine Level 1 Certification
To attain Alpine Level 1 Certification:
  • You must download the Level 1 "Proficiency Log."
  • Work through your Proficiency Log with CDA and Powderhorn Snowsports School trainers.
  • Bring your completed Proficiency Log with you to the ITC. The log will be checked-off, reviewed by ITC clinic leaders and returned to you at the end of the event.
  • Participants earn their Level 1 Certification, a Level 1 pin and certificate by successfully completing the ITC. All participants at the ITC must also meet the recreational racing requirement for Level 1 Certification, which is a Bronze Medal in NASTAR.
Exam Description
Day 1, Friday
Alpine Indoor Overview
This indoor session focuses on teaching concepts and the practical application of Movement Analysis models. Using an interactive, multi-media approach, group discussion and time spent viewing movement patterns from video, participants will develop their understanding of contemporary skiing.

Day 2, Saturday
Alpine Teaching/Movement Analysis
This on-snow session focuses on teaching progressions for Levels 1-4 and how to apply Movement Analysis to help students succeed. Have fun with your peers and learn how to work with a variety of student profiles. Practice skiing demonstrations for beginner to low intermediate skiers.

Day 3, Sunday
Alpine Skiing Day
This is the third day of a 3-day block of clinics which culminates in Level 1 Alpine Certification. This on-snow session focuses on personal skiing skill and demonstrations of specific skiing maneuvers. Feedback for self-improvement and coaching to meet the Level 1 Skiing Standard provides individuals with the opportunity to succeed.
Recommended Prep Clinics
Alpine Level 1 Certification Materials and Handouts
All materials in PDF format:
Books and Manuals
Available for purchase from PSIA-RM web site:
Local Prep Clinics
After we know who would like to attain Level 1 Certification we'll setup few clinics to help you prepare for the exam.
Application Deadline
Application deadline:
  • NOW or at the latest by December 21, 2007
More Information
Contact Martin:
Do I have to do all of this via the Internet?
No, if you prefer, you may pick-up hard-copy certification packet from Martin.
These news were brought to you by Martin Wiesiolek, the Head Coach of Team Powderhorn.
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