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Notes from the Head Coach
November 30, 2007
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The Team
The final makeup of 2007-2008 Team Powderhorn:
  • 25 Athletes
  • 7 Training Partners
  • 18 Coaches
  • 8 Apprentice Coaches
  • 2 Base Volunteers
  1. Bethune, John
  2. Black, Joanne
  3. Dix, Stacie
  4. Gunderson, Marge
  5. Gunderson, Steve
  6. Iovanni, Donna
  7. Iovanni, Felix
  8. Jensen, Ron
  9. Jensen, Valentina
  10. Jones, Tyler
  11. Kendrick, Trish
  12. Loucks, Brad
  13. Loucks, Marlene
  14. Luebke, Larry
  15. Maser-Jones, Lori
  16. Oviatt, Levi
  17. Senatore, Adrienne
  18. Wiesiolek, Martin
  Apprentice Coaches:
  1. Bishop, Gunilla
  2. Black, Moriah
  3. Giove, Blake
  4. Hampton, Rain
  5. Miller, Christine
  6. Smith, Joyce
  7. Sullivan, Paul
  8. Wright, Chris
Base Volunteers:
  1. Giove, Tammy
  2. McKinney, John
We would still welcome new snowboard athletes to the Team! If you know of any that might be interested in snowboard racing we'd let a candidate join the Team late.

Training Partners: as you are probably already aware, Special Olympics has eliminated the Unified Partner program from winter sports. The "Training Partner" program is now exclusively CDA's program (managed and paid for by you--CDA) and we are making it possible because there is a lot of value in "integrated" programs. Training Partner applicants are carefully considered for the team based on the following criteria:
  • age and maturity level
  • ski or snowboard ability level
  • willingness and ability to take on assigned responsibilities
  • current need for Training Partners
  • available team resources
Athletes and Training Partners are matched by the Head Coach. Training Partners must commit to attending a minimum of eight on-snow training sessions and two competition events.
Coaches Meeting: December 4
This is the meeting you've been waiting for! It will be fast and furious -- we'll fly through 2007-2008 winter race program. Mandatory for all coaches. Please let Martin know if you can't make it.
  • Date: December 4, 2007
  • Time: 5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m.
  • Where: 740 Gunnison Ave. (CDA Offices)
If you are reading this e-mail/newsletter it means that you are very much wanted and needed at the coaches meeting. Please come!
Stress-Free Meeting Place
This season please help keep our meeting area safe, clean, and stress-free. Powderhorn Snowsports School and Powderhorn Resort have generously allowed us to use the same meeting room for team training sessions as last year. Let's try to reduce the stress level in this room by observing and enforcing to following rules:
  • The meeting room is for athletes, Training Partners and coaches only.
  • If an athlete requires assistance, only one caretaker may come to the meeting room.
  • Invite family members and friends who do not fall into any of the categories above to use the general locker area at Powderhorn. For liability and safety reasons no person who is not registered with Team Powderhorn may stay in the meeting room.
  • We must leave this room in a better shape than we found it.
  • Understand that Powderhorn Resort might need to use the room during the day.
  • Store all gear in one, small area only.
  • CDA office at Powderhorn is off-limits for athletes, Training Partners, family members. Meaning: family members, cartetakers and friends may of course come to the office but they may not use our offices as a lounge. CDA offices are for our skiing/riding guests and volunteer instructors/coaches.
Team Powderhorn/TASP Race Development Camp in Telluride
Saturday-Sunday, December 15-16, 2007

Come to Telluride, Colorado to learn how to put on a basic race training day. CDA race coaches and Telluride Adaptive Sports Program have put together a race development camp for adaptive race coaches. We will focus mostly on designing training environment for athletes with intellectual disabilities. Day one: training drills, basic course setup. Day two: focused on intellectual disabilities. This will be a memorable experience.

Suggested price: about $50. Price includes: shared lodging, two-day lift tickets, and training.
Where: Telluride Ski Resort

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Next Week
  • Assignments to Green, Blue, Black, and Really, Really Black Groups
  • Complete schedule (weekly drills and events)
  • Path to PSIA certification
These news were brought to you by Martin Wiesiolek, the Head Coach.
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