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Skiing and Snowboarding for People with Visual Impairments

We offer classes that cover everything from beginner lessons to advanced tips for seasoned skiers and riders.
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Full Day: 10 - 3
Half Day: 10 - 12 or 1 - 3
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Codi & Brad

Brad coaches Codi prior to taking a run.

Our instructors are experienced in teaching skiers and snowboarders with visual impairments, including total blindness. We present a lesson in a very auditory, kinesthetic way--to optimize your learning experience. If you have enough vision we may mix auditory with visual manner of teaching. For some students, such as blind bi-skiers, we mesh teaching techniques.

When we teach students who are visually impaired, we have a wide variety of equipment options with which to work. Depending upon the extent of your disability or disabilities, we may take advantage of any of a number of devices designed to assist balance and movement while skiing or snowboarding:

Of course, boots and skis. If you have don't have your own equipment, we will help you select the right skis/snowboard and boots from the rental shop at Powderhorn.

Ski Bra. A metal device that clamps onto the tips of the skis to keep errant ski tips together. A variation, the trombone ski bra, is useful for maintaining the skis in a parallel position. It can slide back and forth to allow for walking and independent leg movement while skiing.

Bamboo poles. Used when guiding, the instructor holds one bamboo pole in each hand, and you are either directly behind or in front of the instructor, holding the opposite ends of the poles at hip level.

Reins. Lengths of one-inch webbing with clasps on one end. We use them from behind you to help you control speed and turns. They can be attached to a ski bra or around your boot cuffs at the ankle. Reins can also be used to pull you through the lift line or flat terrain.

"Blind Skier and "Blind Skier Guide" bibs. We use these bibs while skiing or snowboarding to alert other Powderhorn guests of your presence on the slopes.

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On the Slalom Course

Visually impaired student follows his coach.
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Brad coaches Trevor through a slalom course.
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Discussing Goals

Jack listens to his student prior to a lesson.