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Doug Barnett
Doug owns a local bike shop and started ski instructing with CDA during the 2003-2004 season. We look forward to him continuing with us.
Joe Beaman
Joe is a great young man from Wisconsin and student at Mesa State joined CDA for the winter season in 2003. His love of life is infectious and he has a special knack for helping our clients have a great time when he skies with them.
Walt Bergman
Walt was one of the founding board members of CDA and the head of the local school district Adaptive Physical Education Program. He has been instrumental in helping hundreds of students experience the joy of skiing and snowboarding.
Vala Berry
Vala volunteers with us in the winter and is a whiz when it comes to helping out at our fundraisers.
Gunilla Bishop
Gunilla is a new addition to our program in 2003. A fabulous skier, we look forward to utilizing her skills.
Joanne Black
Joanne has been with CDA since 2002 and has been one of our most versatile instructors. She has a gift for reaching every single client she works with and making their experience memorable. She will be leaving us for hopefully just one year as she helps out with a family emergency. Hurry home soon.
Jason Brown
Jason volunteers with CDA in the winter as a Bi and mono ski instructor and during the summer on our river trips.
Lee Burg
Lee is one of CDA's "do anything" instructors in the winter skilled in both skiing and snow boarding. He has instructed with us since 1999 and is always fun and exciting for his students. He is both PSIA and AASI certified.
Sharon Chamberlain
Sharon works with Mesa Developmental Services in Grand Junction and is the main contact between our two organizations. She is incredibly committed to her clients and helps us tremendously.
Jan Cucchetti
Jan is one of CDA's current board members who also volunteers with us for years. A retired teacher, Jan specializes in working with visually impaired client. She's a great mix of teacher and mother and we all love her.
Jason Cuervo
Jason joined us in 2003 as a snowboard instructor and helps us as well with the summer program. He's destined for a senior management: his nickname of "CEO" comes to him naturally.
Carl DeRosiers
Carl was one of the original forces behind the establishment of the Powderhorn Disabled Ski Program. We are extremely pleased to have him back helping us whenever he is in town.
Stacie Dix
Stacie has been assisting CDA mainly with MDS groups since she was 12 or 13. Now at 19, she's all grown up and playing soccer for Montana. She helps us on her summer break and also over her winter breaks.
Ryan Dutch
Ryan is a college student at Mesa State who has been helping us with our ski program the last two years.
Gary Ellis
Gary has been coaching with CDA since 1998. His specialty is a bi-ski instruction. . He's a Texan to the core but has adapted very well to this sport of skiing we are all so passionate about.
Katrina Galligher
Katrina originally came to CDA as an Americorp volunteer and now works with a local organization serving some of our clients with brain injuries. We're glad that she has remained in the Grand Valley and love seeing her on both the slopes and the river with our clients.
Gwen Giffen
Gwen will be returning to CDA this ski season after a foot injury forced her to take a season off and it will be good to have her back. Gwen helps with our Special Olympics team and also our new bicycling program.
Pete Harris
Pete is one of the most impressive Telemark skiers that you will ever see. Pete helps out when he can and is always ready for a challenge.
Doug Hayduk
Doug is our resident inventor/mad scientist guy who is working on some incredible adaptive equipment. When he's not inventing prototypes, he helps us out both on the slopes and the river.
Chad Hylan
Chad is a new snowboard instructor with CDA. He helped out tremendously with bi and mono ski lessons and is looking forward to learning more.
Norm Hufman
Norm, who is also an instructor for Powderhorn Ski School, brings an enormous amount of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to our adaptive program. He also assists other instructors in improving their teaching and skiing skills. Norm is PSIA Alpine and PSIA Adaptive certified ski school instructor.
Valentina and Ron Jensen
Valentina and Ron are winter volunteers who help on the mountain and also at our special events. Both of them specialize in teaching clients with cognitive delays and visual impairments and quite often team up on lessons.
Lori Jones
Lori has been involved with CDA for years, first as the parent of a client and later as Tyler's better half. Most recently, she has been an active coach with our Special Olympic team helping her athlete to win the "most improved skier" award this past season at a regional competition.
Tyler Jones
The former Executive Director of CDA, he is an expert skier and instructor in all adaptive disciplines. Tyler is PSIA Adaptive certified ski instructor.
Becky and Paul Joyce
New to CDA in 2003, this husband and wife team has jumped right in and is learning how to teach stand up lessons as well as bi-ski lessons.
Larry Kaufman
Larry is one of our snowboard instructors and also helps with some of our summer rafting trips. You had better be ready to hear a joke or two while skiing with Larry, and be prepared, sometimes they hurt more than biffing on the slopes.
Karen Kiefer
Karen is a teacher with our local school district's adaptive physical education program. Karen's dedication to her students is incredible and we enjoy having her and a group of school students every Thursday throughout the season.
Shannon King
Shannon is new to Grand Junction and CDA. Sister of Tyler, she comes loaded with enthusiasm in the program, helping out both in the winter and summer as well as in the office and on special events.
Eric Kirwan
Eric has been teaching with CDA since 2002. He's focusing his efforts on learning the bi-ski.
Harry Kissell
Harry came to us from Winter Park's program a few years ago. A retired school teacher, Harry can teach just about anything.
Chad LaHue
Chad is a nursing student at local Mesa State College and teaches with us as much as he is can. Chad likes to ski bumps about as much as he likes to breathe.
Annie, Michael, Alex, and Cierra Levan
A family team, along with their daughter and sister Jeni who is one of our bi-skiers, have been involved with CDA for the last couple of years and teach everything from skiing to snowboarding.

Marlene, Brad, and Mandi Loucks
A family that skies together... skies well and has a blast! Marlene and Brad are two of our Special Olympics coaches to our athletes, one of whom is their own daughter Erin. Mandi, one of the rising downhill stars (member of the U.S. Junior Olympic Team) also devotes her time and skill in working with our Special Olympics athletes.
Jonathan "Butter" Mann
An incredible boarder, Butter has been with CDA for the last few years helping out in the winter as well as in the summer. And now that we think about it, we never have heard the full story on that nickname!
Lee Martin
The big from England that pours a mean Guinness has been snowboarding with us since 2002 and this past winter started learning how to ski.
Lynn Mathews
Lynn is another local school district adaptive teacher who helps us out tremendously each week. Her dedication to us and her students is fabulous.
Laura McDermott
Laura is a Special Ed teacher from nearby Fruita, CO. Each winter season, she brings up several groups of her students and we all have lots of fun. Her students send the best thank you cards.
Christine Miller
Christine has more energy than any ten of us combined. From special events, to programs, to anything else we ask her to do, she is there for us. She not only is active with us but with many other non-profits in the valley as well as the local at-risk youth programs.
Stacie Nichols
We've seen Stacie group up. She came to CDA originally as a client when she was in Junior High School. Now that she's a student at Mesa State College, she has been volunteering with as a ski instructor. A bit of surgery kept her off the slopes last season but we look forward to her return this season.
Kelli O'Dwyer
Kelli is a local school district instructor that actually learned to ski through our program. A graduate of Mesa State she helps us out in the winter.
Sean O'hara
Sean has been volunteering with our program since he was 14 years old. He now helps with the Special Olympics race team.
Les Orser
Les works with us in the winter and wears a cape. We don't know why but he wears a cape. He has been with us for almost twenty years and is an incredible volunteer and fun to ski with. Beware the man in the cape. He specializes in bi-skiing and 4-track skiing.
Peter Quinn
Peter can be found on the hill or helping out with our special events. The man has energy and gets stuff done.
Melissa Ratliff
Melissa volunteers with us in the winter as a snowboard instructor when she doesn't have her nose buried in the books as she completes her studies at Mesa State College.
Greg Reed
Greg is a local sports writer who also loves to ski. He is working on perfecting his bi- and mono-ski skills and is pretty darn good with the slider too.
Jeff Reis
Jeff came to CDA in 2002 as our first Americorp volunteer. He fell in love with the Grand Valley and decided to stay. He's also the drummer in a fabulous Reggae band "Lion Vibes. Not only does the band play some great music, they do much to support CDA for which we are grateful.
Dave Rosen
Dave is one of our die hard volunteers who have given so much to CDA. He will take any lesson and create an incredible learning environment for his student. This guy never has a bad day. Dave has been an instructor with CDA since 1988. He specializes in bi-ski and mono-ski instruction.
Ron Rudy
Ron is an example to all of us. He didn't let being an amputee slow him down one iota. Ron specializes in all forms of stand-up skiing. He has been an instructor with CDA since 1996.
Mike Ruspil
Mike is an adaptive physical education instructor with the local school district and he has endless energy when it comes to working with his students. Mike started our Special Olympics Alpine Team and we are grateful for his commitment.
Janet Ryan
Janet, a teacher with the local school district, comes to the mountain every Thursday with her students. She specializes in stand-up and visually impaired students.
Jack Stephens
Jack's specialty is skiing with people who have cognitive disabilities. He's on the mountain 5 times a week, does whatever needs to be done to make sure the clients have a successful and fun lesson. He has the biggest bag of tricks anyone knows of and he uses them to make sure the client winds up the lesson with a huge smile on their face. Jack is a PSIA-certified ski instructor and has been with CDA since 1993.
Mark Tittle
Mark is an ex-Grand Canyon River Guide which means he just goes with the flow. As a strong skier, he is a natural when it comes to the bi-ski.
Mary Thomas
Mary is a Special Ed teacher from Fruita, CO and each winter she joins forces with her fellow teachers to share the joy of skiing and snowboarding with her students.
Bill VonStocken
Bill came to us in 2002 and has been a great instructor for us the last two seasons. He also doubles as our live auctioneer during one of our fundraisers and does a fabulous job.
Stephen White
Stephen is a volunteer with our Special Olympics alpine team in the winter as well as a certified dive instructor who helps with our dive program. Steve's daughter is on our Special Olympics team and the whole family is very involved in our organization.
Martin Wiesiolek
Martin specializes in visual impairments and alpine ski racing. He is PSIA-certified ski instructor and USSA-certified alpine coach. He also coaches our team for the Special Olympics Colorado. Martin is originally from Poland.
Joel Williams
Joel is both a winter and summer volunteer. He's got a great sense of humor and is really good at making each client feel special.
Jim Worthington
Jim has been with CDA for 3 years and has become a very good instructor for those who ski with a bi-ski and for those who are visually impaired.

Member School of the Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors

Member School of the Professional Ski Instructors of America
and American Association of Snowboard Instructors,
Rocky Mountain Division.
PSIA-RM web site: http://www.psia-rm.org