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It's a Race Program
Prospective team members are expected to be proficient skiers or snowboarders within their own ability level. If you just want to learn to ski or snowboard, we invite you to explore our learn-to-ski program.

To be eligible for the program you must be able to:

  • Ski independently
  • Load and unload from the lift independently
  • Pick yourself up independently after a fall
  • Have a desire to take your skiing to the next level and be willing to commit the time and energy into the training

If you're up for a challenge and want to prepare for competive skiing or snowboarding, sign-up today!

Program Goals
Our goal is to develop, train, produce and support ski racers with disabilities. Our athletes will compete and medal in national and international competitions including the Paralympics and World Championships. To achieve this the race program will provide training and coaching for athletes with visual impairments and/or physical disabilities in accordance with the rules set by the USSA and the International Paralympic Committee. We also hope that our race program will empower athletes with physical disabilities to reach their maximum athletic and personal potential.

We adopted the USSA's philosophy, which is to develop good skiers, then great racers. Good skiers possess the balance and control on skis that is a foundation for the elements that are required for alpine racing success. Alpine ski racing at all levels, throughout development, is measured by the clock yet the elements that are needed to compete well under the clock are not all objective. We feel that the ski fundamentals are the first step in developing an athlete. This resource addresses the fundamental ski skill areas that are necessary to achieve the speed, control and balance to compete at the highest level.

The sport of alpine skiing is a technical sport that requires the refinement of basic skills. We approach it with the understanding that the most important theme in the long-term development of any athlete is to have fun. The length of an athlete's career in a sport can arguably be a direct relation to their enjoyment. This is an important consideration on the road to the top. We are striving to develop the best athletes and in the pursuit we are promoting professionalism, sportsmanship, and a love for the sport. We feel it is our coaches' role to promote these ideals and deliver a clear message that is creative, motivating and fun.

Who and Where?
Colorado Discover Ability's Team Powderhorn provides race training at Powderhorn Resort. This adaptive racing program provides opportunities for all levels of racing, from beginner to Paralympic skiers and snowboards. Listed below are the avenues of training and racing progressions. Which route to take depends on the athlete.

  • Buddy Warner
  • Devo
  • United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA)
  • United States Disabled Ski Team (USDST)
  • Advanced training through:
    • Challenge Aspen
    • National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD)

How To Sign-Up?
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Questions and Comments

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