Cause is no longer just about driving short-term sales, but also creating trusted and lasting relationships with diverse stakeholders. Companies increasingly recognize how societal needs and business growth are intrinsically linked.

Cause is evolving to new models of social engagement and global citizenship as companies become drivers of change.
According to 2008 Cone Research Studies:
  • 85% say it is acceptable for companies to involve a cause in their marketing, compared to 66% in 1993
  • 79% would likely to switch from one brand to another brand, if the other brand is associated with a good cause
  • 38% have bought a product associated with a cause in the last 12 months, compared to 20% in 1993
  • 2008 Cone/Duke University Behavioral Cause Study showed that participants spent nearly twice as long (49% more time) examining ads with a cause affiliation, in each of the product categories, versus the control.

Check out the Google entries that contain "Colorado Discover Ability."

The message may be temporary, but the impressions are lasting. Whether on our posters, web site, jackets, banners, or our vans - your company is certainly not choosing typical cause-related communications channels, which, of course, is precisely why the impressions are so memorable.

Cause Marketing

Support social issues as a way to demonstrate your values and responsible practices in action. As business is accountable to a variety of stakeholders within a highly transparent society, aligning with a cause has become an important and visible part of a company's corporate responsibility efforts.

Colorado Discover Ability has been featured many times in TV news, prime-time TV editorials, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, seminars and conferences.

What Can You Sponsor?


We will work with you to identify objectives and marketing opportunities that reach beyond the activity, event or material sponsorship.

  • Adaptive Snowsports at Powderhorn Resort, the only adaptive snowsports program at Powderhorn Resort in western Colorado
  • Bike Nights in Grand Junction, the only adaptive biking program in western Colorado
  • Team Powderhorn Adaptive Racing in Colorado and (hopefully) World Games, one of the largest teams in the state
  • River Rafting and Kayaking in Colorado, Utah and Arizona, from flat-water floats to multi-day whitewater adventures
  • Camp Freedom in western Colorado, a multi-day camp for children with physical and intellectual disabilities
  • Day Camp, the only program in western Colorado with daily activities for children and adults with disabilities
  • Fitness Team, the only fitness program in western Colorado with weekly workout sessions for children and adults with disabilities

  • Wine Among The Vines, an annual fundraiser
  • Chefs' Dinner, an annual fundraiser
  • Ski Challenge, an annual ski and snowboard race at Powderhorn Resort
  • Wounded Warrior Project whitewater river trips, river adventures for our wounded veterans
  • "Experience Winning" ski and snowboard competition meet for athletes with intellectual disabilities (under development)
  • Adaptive Waterski and Wakeboarding Clinic, an annual multi-day clinic

  • Vans, trailers
  • Rafts
  • Storage warehouse
  • Adaptive ski and snowboarding gear
  • Ski and Snowboard Uniforms
  • Team Powderhorn athlete uniforms

  • A specific individual who needs financial help to participate in recreational and therapeutic outdoor activities
  • Scholarships awarded to program participants

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

Please contact:

Dan Slater, CDA Board Volunteer
Phone: 970-216-6003
Send E-Mail

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