River Trips Bridgeport to Whitewater on Gunnison River

Bridgeport, CO to Whitewater, CO
on Gunnison River

Rapid Classification: I
Length: 14 miles
Time on the river: 4-6 hours
Shuttle time from Grand Junction (getting to and from the river): 1 hour on each end of the trip
When: May through middle of August

Price: $55 per person
(what's included?)

Trip Dates and Reservations

An easy float that takes about 4-6 hours without much paddling and can be shortened to about 3 hours if we paddle all the way. Trip time will vary depending on streamflow and winds. Beautiful scenery surrounds this quiet part of the river as it flows through sandstone canyons. Halfway through the trip the scenery changes to high desert rolling hills and cliffs.

If you are lucky and stay alert you might be able to spot Bighorn Sheep, Bold Eagles and beavers. You will definitely see many birds, among them a Great Blue Heron.

Bridgeport put-in is narrow, which allows a launch of maximum of two kayaks or one raft at a time. Because of a narrow and swampy put-in, people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility might need assistance in getting to the river. Once on the river, it is easy to eddy out and wait for the rest of the group to get on the river.
Whitewater take out place is easier and has enough space for two or three kayaks (or one 18-foot raft) at one time. A steep trail to the parking lot mandates assistance to people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.

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