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As spring returns to the high desert of Western Colorado and the melting snows feed the local rivers, Colorado Discover Ability launches its summer program and takes to the rivers, lakes, and trails.

Rafting is one of the best activities for a family or a group. Exhilirating rapids, beautiful scenery, great side hikes, rustic camping, and incredible food make each of our trips unique and memorable. From any of our overnighters to our annual 13-day Grand Canyon trip in August, the fun and excitement never ends.

Our knowledgeable boatsmen have years of river guide experience and have created a few adaptations that make our river rafting program enjoyable for everyone. From adaptive seating systems which are strapped to the raft to a few systems that make our camps accessible, we would venture to say that CDA makes the river and its beaches more accessible than most restaurants in town. It is an amazing transformation to watch our river-side camp come to life after a day of rafting; participants relax, enjoy the surroundings, feast on fine food, and watch the stars shine without city light pollution. When the morning dawns and we hit the river again, as good stewards of the earth, we leave the beaches cleaner than we found them.

Our raft trips start in April and generally run through October. We have permits to operate on two different stretches of the Colorado River and the Lower Gunnison River. We contract with Diamond River Adventures from Page, Arizona for our Grand Canyon trip. Diamond River Adventures has been an outfitter in the Grand Canyon for over 30 years and has been a great partner in offering a launch date for us every year in the third week of August. This trip is truly a trip of a lifetime.

We have a set schedule for our overnight raft trips but if you have a group that wants to put a trip together please contact us and we will be happy to design a trip specifically for your needs. Check out the calendar of events for upcoming trips.

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CDA operates its summer programs under the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management Special Recreation Permit;
and Colorado State Parks Field Service River Outfitter License.