Summer River Rafting and Adaptive Kayaking

Half- and One-Day River Trips
Trip Miles/Hours Class Price
Bridgeport, CO to Whitewater, CO
through Dominguez Canyon on Gunnison River
14 miles
4-6 hours
I $55
Escalante, CO to Bridgeport, CO
through Escalante Canyon on Gunnison River
13.2 miles
4-6 hours
I-II $55
Blue Heron to Fruita
on Colorado River
9 miles
3 hours
I $35
Corn Lake to Blue Heron
on Colorado River
10 miles
4-5 hours
I-II $45
Pumphouse, CO to State Bridge, CO
on upper Colorado River
15 miles
6 hours
I-III $125

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Did you know?
Our trips are open to everyone: people with disabilities, their families and friends.