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CDA strives to provide a place where people from disparate communities can participate in outdoor recreation as independently as possible, regardless of his or her disability.

To learn more about the benefits of Corporate Sponsorship at CDA, please contact us via e-mail
or by phone at 970-257-1222.

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship

As a CDA sponsor, your company will:
  • Utilize one of the most targeted marketing vehicles in Colorado, Grand Valley area, and nationwide.
  • Increase your company's visibility with CDA's highly desirable audience.
  • Strengthen your corporate image by association with CDA's quality, reputation, standard for excellence and commitment to serving the community.

Your company's sponsorship of CDA brings a variety of valuable benefits, including:
  • Showcased message through CDA's event venues and CDA's high visibility in Colorado. CDA will ensure that your message stands out.
  • Halo effect.
  • Gain advertising that money can't buy. CDA was featured many times on prime-time news; local, state- and nationwide newspapers and magazines, radio stations, conferences and many more settings.
  • Positive image through association with CDA.
  • People are more apt to do business with businesses that support valuable programs, such as CDA.
  • Projects a more high quality company.
  • Reaching a highly targeted audience of decision makers and business leaders.
  • An advertising environment that positions your company with quality and integrity.
  • Added-value opportunities - We will work with your company to identify objectives and marketing opportunities that reach beyond the activity, event or material sponsorship.

According to a recent study*:

  • 80% of Americans have a more positive impression of companies that support a cause they care about
  • 65% of Americans say they have greater trust in those companies that support social causes
  • 65% of Americans say they would likely switch to brands or retailers that are associated with a good cause, when price and quality are equal
  • 90% of workers whose employers support a good cause take pride in their company's values; greater company pride translates to an increased commitment to the organization

*Source: Cone/Roper Cause Related Trends Report, 1999