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Westwater Canyon Rafting Trip for the Wounded Warrior Project.
July 25-26, 2005

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Chilling out before dinner.

Chilling out before dinner.

At our camp.

From the left: Mike, Sarah, Orlando, Julia, Anna.

Morning chat before getting back on the river.

Torri and Dan being interviewed by John.


Our river guides from Adventure Bound.

Morning at the campsite: Janice and Tim.

Shelly goes for one more swim before the end of the trip.

Norbi goes kayaking with Beth in calm waters.

Simon starts a water fight.

Anthony also goes for one last swim before stepping out into the hot desert.

Less than a mile from take-out. The end of another, fantastic river trip.
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Photos on this page by Mike Kubisiewicz (Challenge Aspen) and Martin Wiesiolek (Colorado Discover Ability).

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