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Westwater Canyon Rafting Trip for the Wounded Warrior Project.
July 25-26, 2005

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Jeff gets his crew through exciting rapids.

Johnny heads to pick up two "swimmers": Torri and Dan.

After few minutes of struggle Torri and Dan made it back into their kayak.

Josh takes his crew of soldiers to the next set of rapids.

Janice and Tim work in unison to get through the rapids.

Jason takes videographer John to the next good spot to shoot video.

Last sets of rapids. Tips of kayak paddles sticking above the hole.

Shelly and Martin accelerate through a funnel.

Whitewater rapids are just as exciting in a big raft as they are in a kayak.

The look of anticipation...

Kelly and Aaron after a short break in the eddy.

Every kayaker is going to make it to the end without getting pulled onto the big raft.

The fun continues.

Stunning views of the Westwater Canyon.

If Janice and Tim don'd turn river-left, they will flip...

Relaxing after exciment of the whitewater rapids.

Big smiles after battling the rapids.

Hannah from Adventure Bound expertly guides the raft through the rapids.

Mike, who took photos through the rapids, is putting camera away.

Orlando (front) decides to try kayaking with Dan.
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Photos on this page by Mike Kubisiewicz (Challenge Aspen) and Martin Wiesiolek (Colorado Discover Ability).

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