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Westwater Canyon Rafting Trip for the Wounded Warrior Project.
July 25-26, 2005

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Group photo at the Lower Cougar campsite on Colorado River.

In Westwater Canyon.

Torri and Dan are hyped up about going through the rapaids in a duckie.

After lunch: plenty of thrill-seekers in kayaks.

Johnny guides a lead raft through Westwater Canyon.

On the raft led by Jeff.

Jason leads his group through the Westwater Canyon.

Beth coaches Shelly on kayaking through the rapids.

Shelly and Martin enter the Wild Horse rapids.

Johnny leads the raft with two soldiers and the photographer from Sport's Illustrated.

Rapids of the Westwater Canyon.Torri and Shannon in a kayak ahead.

Shelly and Martin running mild rapids.

Beth looks on as Aaron and Kelly navigate their way between boulders.

From the left: Simon (Sports Illustrated), Mike (soldier), Chad (soldier) and Johnny (river guide) look on as others kayak through the rapids.

"Staircase" rapids

Kelly and Aaron got through the rapids while Torri and Dan just flipped.

Kelly and Aaron in front kayak. Torri and Dan behind them are attempting a self-rescue.

Shelly and Martin navigate the rapids. Right behind them: Kelly and Aaron.

Aaron and his wife Kelly look happy after getting through difficult rapids.

Sarah and Beth (back) take a short break before ripping through the last part of the rapids.
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Photos on this page by Mike Kubisiewicz (Challenge Aspen) and Martin Wiesiolek (Colorado Discover Ability).

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