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Colorado River Float From Loma to Westwater.
CDA-organized trip for the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program.
June 29-30, 2005

Part One  |  Part Two  |  Part Three

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On the river.

Floating through Ruby-Horsethief Canyon.

Floating through Ruby-Horsethief Canyon.

Unloading supplies at our reserved camp site at Black Rock.

Setting up a camp at Black Rock.

Setting-up the kitchen and preparing our dinner.

After dinner.

Beth and Patricia catch evening sun-rays.

Joan and Ron.

Martin, the morning after.

Next day: breakfast.

Breakfast at the Black Rock camp site prepared by Beth, our river guide and a chef.

Sean and Brittny (hiding) eating breakfast.

The last leg of our trip through Ruby Canyon.

Ruby Canyon.

Brittny and Ron.
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Did you check out this puzzle earlier? If not, click photo to find out what we see.

Our group poses for a photo at Westawater camp site.
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