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Camp Freedom at the Kiwanis Camp on Grand Mesa in Western Colorado. A 3-day camp experience for children 6-13 years old.
June 10-12, 2005
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Austin, Greer and Dan Slater

McKenzie and Courtney

Laura and Keoneau.

Briana on the horse.

Kayaking and playing in the water at the Fruita State Park.

Mindy learning how to kayak with Beth, CDA's Program Director.

Mindy after kayaking.

Aaron ready for kayaking.

Picnic at the Fruita State Park.

Picnic at the Fruita State Park.

Picnic at the Fruita State Park.

Aaron trying on the volunteer's t-shirt.

On a trip to Fruita State Park.

From the left: Karen witn Nick on her back, Brian and Brent.
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