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Camp Freedom at the Kiwanis Camp on Grand Mesa in Western Colorado. A 3-day camp experience for children 6-13 years old.
June 10-12, 2005
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Austin (volunteer) with Blake.


Keoneau and David

Outside the Camp Kiwanis on Grand Mesa.

The boys: Dominick, Chase, Austin and Jacob.

Brent, Preston and Lynn make tie-dye shirts.

Lynn, Karen, Nick, Preston and Evan talk about the animals on Grand Mesa.

Whitney having fun with tie-dye shirts.

Rachel (volunteer), Aaron and Traci (volunteer) make tie-dye shirts.

Briana learns how to make tie-dye shirts.

Laura with Traci (volunteer).

At Camp Kiwanis.

Greer painting a bench.

Indoor, group activities at Camp Kiwanis.

Linda (volunteer) with McKenzie.
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