Emergency Contact Information
Emergency Contact Information

General Cell Phone: 970-270-9779

Emergency Satellite Phone

On certain river trips we carry a satellite phone and you may have been provided with our satellite phone number. Generally the satellite phone is powered on and used by the trip crew for medical emergencies while in the isolated wilderness areas. The phone is typically powered off unless the crew needs to use it.

If you have our satellite phone number please contact us only if:
  • you know specifically that the party (staff member, volunteer, guest) you are trying to contact is on the river or in isolated wilderness area
  • there is an emergency and by contacting us you/we can do something about this (affect a change)
  • we might be at the boat ramp (often no cell signal) waiting for you and you are running terribly late
  • we are on the river and we need to receive critical medical information about a guest
  • we are on the river and you need to tell us something else that is so important that you'd consider the message worth at least $100 cash

Note: on extended trips in areas that have no cell phone coverage we might power on our satellite phone to check for messages only once a day, typically in the evening.

We'd prefer that you send us a text message (no more than 35 characters including spaces) using the form below:
  1. Enter our 10-digit satellite phone number
  2. Enter your message in the message field
  3. Click "Send Message" once
Satellite Phone Number:     Example: 2541234567
Your Message:  

Text message via e-mail
A message can also be sent through e-mail by entering our 10 digit satellite number: [email protected] (e.g. [email protected]).