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Jan Cucchetti
Born and raised in California, Jan Cucchetti learned to ski in Idaho while attending college and receiving her degree in Education. In-between being a wife and raising 3 children, Jan taught school for over 20 years in California, Ohio and Colorado. Jan first saw the handicapped ski program at Powderhorn Resort in 1973 and got involved with the program through the vision department at the local school district. For over 15 years, Jan has been involved with CDA by serving on the Board, helping with special events, and skiing with clients.
Erin Ginter
A transplant from Indiana, Erin and her husband moved to Grand Junction 6 1/2 yrs. ago. For over 19 years, Erin has been actively involved with non-profits focusing on human services either through employment, consulting, or serving on Boards. She brings a wealth of knowledge to CDA in the area of fundraising and especially grant writing.
Uschi Hall
Born and raised in Bavaria, Germany, Uschi moved to the United States 9 years ago. For the last 2 years, Uschi, her husband, and their 2 children have called Grand Junction home. Her first contact with adaptive recreational activities took place as a volunteer long before the accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down. The accident created new challenges for Uschi, but did not slow her down; 6 months after her accident she was back on the slopes learning to ski in a mono ski, and since then she has been a frequent client of many adaptive programs. Taking skiing lessons at Powderhorn quickly led to Uschi's desire to become more active with CDA. Uschi currently serves as the Board President and brings her personal experience into the program committee. In her spare time, she works with other non-profit organizations, enjoys hand cycling, skiing, scuba diving, and most of all, chasing her two children. Adaptive programs have made an incredible impact on Uschi by enabling her to do things she though she would never be able to do. She would like to give others the opportunity to gain independence and look beyond their disability through outdoor activities.
Ann Hayes
Ann is married, mother of three children, and a Real Estate Broker for the last nineteen years. Active in the community, Ann is involved with the Association of Realtors, Home Builders Association, Chamber of Commerce, and her church. In her spare time she enjoys golfing, bowling, camping and traveling. Ann raised her granddaughter, Jackie, who was born with triple involved club feet. Jackie volunteered with CDA's winter program working with deaf children and snowboarding. Through Jackie's involvement, Ann became an active supporter of CDA for several years by attending special events and now by serving on the board.
Betsy Johnson
Originally from Wisconsin, Betsy, along with her husband and 2 daughters have lived in Grand Junction for 13 years. With undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, Betsy has worked in the social services field for over 25 years as a Rehabilitation Counselor with the developmentally disabled, chronically mentally ill, physically disabled, or the brain injured where she assisted many individuals with disabilities to find and keep jobs that match their unique abilities and aptitudes. An avid outdoorsperson, Betsy enjoys bicycling, hiking, wind surfing, and skiing. Betsy has been an active Board Member since CDA's inception and serves on committees for special events and grant funding.
Jo Mason
Jo moved to Grand Junction in 1990 and after working with Mesa County for 12 1/2 years, started her own business 2 yearas ago as a Professional Land Use Planning Consultant. In her spare time, Jo enjoys sewing, scrap booking, reading, and enjoying time wiht her three grown children. Following a trip through the Grand Canyon with CDA in 2003, Jo wanted to become more involved with CDA.
Crystal Murphy
Born and raised in Grand Junction, Crystal received her BA from Mesa State College and worked in the banking field for over 11 years. She and her husband David have a daughter and an adopted son that keeps them on their toes. Crystal's interests include traveling, gardening, mountain biking, as well her new love, skiing. Crystal originally became involved with CDA so that her daughter, Shannon, who has a genetic disorder that impacts her neurologically by weaking the right side of her body and impairing her balance, could learn to ski. In 2004, it became apparent that Shannon was having all the fun so Crystal and her son joined Shannon and enjoyed weekly ski lessons as a family. They exemplify the mission of CDA: to provide integrated recreational opportunities for clients, their families and friends. In addition to being Vice President of the Board, Crystal focuses her committee work efforts on special events planning and fundraising.