Invest in Life

No investment is more valuable—or timely—than an investment in improving one person's life.

One person at a time, changing for the better,
can set in motion a movement to change the world.

- Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP

As a supporter of Colorado Discover Ability, you enable us to carry on and expand our work of providing opportunities for self-exploration, building self-confidence, and increasing leisure independence for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. Your support also enables us to advocate for the equal access to the outdoors and sports.

All our programs are made possible through the generosity of individuals, businesses and foundations who donate gifts of time, money and services. As a very efficient volunteer organization, we manage to stretch your gift many times over and work hard at being good stewards of your gifts that make our work possible.

Interested in General Support of Colorado Discover Ability?

Please contact:

Colorado Discover Ability
Phone: 9970-257-1222
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A Donation of Cash
Cash contributions immediately benefit Colorado Discover Ability and provide tax benefits to donors who itemize deductions.

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